July arrives bringing our 8th edition of the Dharma for all Journal. Happy with the feedback from our dear readers, whose numbers are increasing every day! Our website has already reached the mark of 7 thousand readers in 119 countries of the world! Without geosentiment, we have listed the top 12 countries where we have the largest number of readers so far: Brazil, Spain, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, India, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Philippines, and Portugal.

With our global calendar of events (journal.d4all.org/events), our beloved pracarakas audience participates sharing all their activities, updating the Journal and keeping the calendar with complete information on beautiful events, all made for Him.

Launched in October 2018, the calendar has already posted nearly 300 events from all over the world. On Ananda Purnima we celebrated with Baba, publishing 20 events that cherished His birthday this year, from Taiwan to Peru!

In this issue we begin a new series on Divine Dances in #kiirtanforall section, detailing the teachings left by Parvarti and Shiva on the importance of instrumental music, singing and dancing to the sound of kiirtan.

This month’s highlight is an action of the Moving Together project by Dharma for All https://journal.d4all.org/2019/03/project-moving-together/, that started in March 2019 on the sectorial retreat in Ananda Daksina (RS – Brazil), with the purpose of create a dharma pracar plan for Brazil in 2020, thus forming an efficient network of pracarakas that work in alignment, margiis supporting the acaryas and acaryas supporting the margiis.

At this stage, the idea is to create, together, a list of the initiatives that take place around the world and put them on an open site, that soon will be published. This macro view of activities will provide information exchanges, services, volunteerism, inspiring all the pracarakas.

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We continue together, moving forward, spreading His mission!

Dharma for all Journal 

Picture by Helena Lopes