Why follow morality?

Baba was sitting with some disciples on the Tiger’s Grave. He turned to Vishvanath and said, “The other day you said that many more people would join Ananda Marga if they didn’t have to...

Absolute devotion

There are various stages in the evolution of devotion. Baba explained that the highest type of devotion evolves “when all the propensities of the mind are withdrawn from all other objects and are diverted...


The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth, but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will have to be admitted one day by humanity. Spiritual aspirants have...

Baba is named Anandamurti

Baba once told me in his office why he was known as Anandamurtijii. While Baba was studying in Vidyasagar College in Calcutta, he went to Bankura District in West Bengal to attend the marriage...

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