Baba once told me in his office why he was known as Anandamurtijii. While Baba was studying in Vidyasagar College in Calcutta, he went to Bankura District in West Bengal to attend the marriage ceremony of a friend. After reaching Bankura, he went to a cremation ground at the dead of night. While Baba was there, a young man singing a devotional song approached him. Baba asked him his name. He replied that his name was Kamalakanta Mahapatra. Then he said with tearful eyes that his guru had directed him in a dream to come here to this cremation ground to take tantric initiation. Baba very affectionately said to him, “I am that guru who directed you in your dream to come to this place for initiation and tonight I shall initiate you as per the rules of Tantra.” That night Kamalakanta got initiation from Taraka Brahma Baba.

After taking initiation, Kamalakanta got the feeling of Parama Purusha. He started to dance and cried loudly, “ananda, ananda.” Due to the influence of these spiritual vibrations, Kamalakanta said, “You are Anandamurti (the embodiment of bliss),” and from that auspicious moment Baba was popularly known as Anandamurti. The name of Anandamurti came from the mouth of Kamalakanta Mahapatra but actually it came from the spiritual attainment and the spontaneous flow of ananda that Kamalakanta experienced in his inner heart.

After that, Baba placed his head on the lap of Kamalakanta and slept there. Kamalakanta took advantage of his sleep to go to this feet. Longing for salvation and by the grace of Baba, Kamalakanta attained mahanirvana. Baba went to Bankura to give salvation to the most fortunate Kamalakanta.

By Acarya Satyananda Avadhuta, from the book The Wandering Ascetic Life of Acharya Satyananda Avadhuta: My Thirty-five Years with Baba Anandamurtijii

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