Journal launches Global Dharma Activities Calendar – and you can also submit your event Interesting events are happening in different parts of the world, without the pracarakas being aware of many of them. To change this scenario, Dharma for all Journal is launching a Global Activity Calendar. In order...

Paintings help practitioners remember the meaning of Prabhat samgiita songs

Prabhat samgiita (songs of the new dawn) is the collection of 5018 songs composed by Anandamurti as a way of expressing the various tonalities of the relationship between the devotee and Supreme Consciousness. They...

8 websites for anyone who wants to spread Baba’s philosophy

We chose some of the best sites for those who want to spread Baba’s diverse living legacy. Baú da Ananda Marga A website from Portugal that brings together speeches of Baba and stories experienced and told...

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