We chose some of the best sites for those who want to spread Baba’s diverse living legacy.

Baú da Ananda Marga
A website from Portugal that brings together speeches of Baba and stories experienced and told by his disciples. Health, spirituality, science, economics, education, agriculture, and the arts are dealt with in these discourses, which are organized by themes such as biopsychology, Tantra, ecology, yoga, literature, and one’s relationship with God, among others.

In one of the texts, on the various interpretations and explanations of the word yoga, Baba tells us that “yoga means that all propensities move toward the Supreme Entity in the physical, mental, and spiritual spheres. And when He becomes ‘I’ and ‘I’ becomes He, then the spirit of yoga is completely attained. Site in Portuguese.

The site is a well-organized primer about the ideology and the spiritual and social philosophy of Ananda Marga. Travel around the five continents where the organization is functioning and learn about what projects are going on, publications and news, retreats, festivals and congresses.

See where Ananda Marga in working, with schools, orphanages, health centers, disaster relief, and community development. It has basic questions and answers about spiritual science and meditation, and clarifies doubts about methods, benefits and origins, and includes guided meditations, books, ebooks and songs. Enjoy the beautiful timeline of Baba’s life. In English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Navigating the vastness of Prabhat Samgiita
How can one look for (and find) your favorites Prabhat samgiita out of the 5018 that Baba composed? On this site, you can search by song number and theme – in Sanskrit, Bengali, and English. From songs about Shiva and Krsna to birthday songs and those for new years, marriage, the baby-naming and tree-planting ceremonies, and more. There are stories, interviews, and articles on Prabhat Samgiita told or written by acaryas, in addition to the manifest of the of Rawa – Renaissance Artists and Writers Association, founded by Baba in 1958. Site in English.

Education is what sets you free
Neo-humanism is a practical spiritual philosophy that serves as the basis for Ananda Marga Gurukula’s educational projects, an international educational network of schools and institutes for teaching, research, and service. The network encompasses more than 50 countries with more than 1,000 daycare centers, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and orphanages, established over the last 50 years. On the site, you have access to all these institutions, as well as to spiritual eco-villages and ebooks with educational stories for early childhood. It is worth checking out Gurukula’s thematic online magazine. Site in English.

Inner song
This site is a real margii nightclub. If you like to listen to other audio content, in addition to music, you will spend hours here. Guided meditations and relaxations, kiirtans, songs and children’s stories, darshans, Prabhat Samgiita. And much, much music, between kiirtans and original compositions from dadas, didis and artists like Jyoshna, Shubhamaya, Ainjali and different bands. Also some films, like the famous Conversations with Dada Chandranath, made by Devashish. Everything has accompanying reviews. Search by album and artist. Free samples, and downloads for sale. Site in English.

Food for body, mind and soul…
It has to be subtle. In Simply Subtle, you find recipes for appetizers, salads and soups, main courses, pestos, sauces, desserts, gluten-free pancakes, juices and smoothies, and medicinal juices, all within the diet prescribed by Baba.

With humor and beauty, and original recipes, such as Vegecstast, a juice that makes you vibrate with energy and ecstatic dancing. And the CocoMangoTango pie, tropical and enthralling. The site hooks you by the belly and feeds your eyes with satisfying photos. Its blog has articles on health, ayurvedic medicine, and culinary curiosities. Site in English.

Green and yellow love
The gateway to Ananda Marga in Brazil, with addresses and contacts for all the country’s units and spiritual communities. Access to social projects and neo-humanist schools. Retreat schedules, audio kiirtans, yoga training courses, ideological trainings, Prout courses, subtle food, permaculture, agroforestry, bio-construction, art events, Prabhat Samgiita. List of books written by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and other authors. Enjoy the timeline of Baba’s life, with photos. Site in Portuguese.

Baba’s Library
The P. R. Sarkar Institute is an initiative of Ananda Marga Gurukula that functions as a central online resource library and a forum for research, development and distribution of the teachings and related ideas of P.R. Sarkar.

It has a huge amount of content, well organized in chronologically, alphabetically and thematically. Publications, films, audios. For the occasion of the centenary of Baba’s birth in 2021-22, the institute is producing an exhibition and a documentary, and invites the margii community to contribute with stories, documents, images, audio, video, historical artifacts, media, art, literature, and other materials. Site in English.