Becoming a devotee of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and accepting the challenge to dedicate time, in this life and in the next ones, to take all human beings to the path of bliss! This is the life of a wholetimer acarya.

In this edition, in our special series, the wholetimers tell us a little bit of their journey, already experienced by many human beings, that accepted, as pracarakas, the proposal to spread the practices from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti for our planet. This article received the greatest number of appreciations on facebook and the website from Dharma for all Journal so far.

Also, in this issue, we will talk about:

(a) the different meanings of Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan;

(b) the magic work with the children in Romania;

(c) the profile from the kiirtan singer and composer Kamala;

(d) a book that has already been translated in 11 different languages and has sold more than 15.000 copies so far, from Dada Nabhaniilananda;

(e) the big event Rio Desperta in Rio de Janeiro;

(f) and the launching of an incredible events calendar of dharma pracar, as one of the Journal’s many webpages!

The 5th issue is the last, with articles from 2018, our first year!

We thank our dear readers for following us since our initial steps!

The Journal continues innovating, always open for your suggestions and once again is glad for publishing the articles in a beautiful magazine!

Enjoy the read!

By Dharma for all Journal

Picture by Harideva (Rodrigo Camargo)