The beautiful illustration of Mariana Luz is the cover of our fourth edition of the Dharma for all Journal, in its digital version. The image was chosen for inspiring the place of potency that the woman occupies in the philosophy of Ananda Marga. A strong, beautiful, diverse place, among many other qualities. But does this place exist in practice?

This is what investigates one of the subjects most commented by our readers so far: how does universalism happen in the daily life of Ananda Marga when it comes to guaranteeing women their rightful place?

In this issue, women are highlighted in several sections: they are in the testimonies of mothers and educators who are touched by the work of day care centers created by Didi Ananda Jaya, in São Paulo, SP (Brazil); in the continuation of the series “workers of dharma pracar”, which tells who the tattvikas are and what the tattvikas do, through the stories of the Australian Liila and the Italian Krishnaprya; and the profile of the American family acarya Devanishta.

In addition to all this feminine energy, the magazine also brings a review of the Healthy Valley restaurant in Salvador, BA (Brazil), which serves regional dishes such as abará in the sattvika version (without garlic and onion). And inaugurates two new sections: in #kiirtanforall, you will know how the kiirtan Baba nam kevalam was presented; and in #pracartools, a space to increase the repertoire of tools of the pracarakas for self-actualization and service, Prashanta, American margii, presents us with one of the paintings that he makes to portrait the intentions of each Prabhat samgiita.

Many good news! So click here, download your magazine and share it with friends. And if you want, you can print it – it looks beautiful!

By Gurucaran (Gustavo Prudente)