The Dharma for all Journal was born in April but begins much earlier. It has been gestating for a number of months through the work of a dedicated and resilient team that was bent on doing something that was new and unknown for them. We are the fruit of an idea, a product of the courage of Dharma For All to continue learning through the ups and downs of its two years of life. We are the product of the passion of its creators, inspired by devotion to our Maha Guru.

We were born this month but we have a long history, full of life, full of drama, and above all, hope in humanity. And so we were born on the strength of good news, to support us in the noble task of spreading Baba’s mission.

Now let’s grow. And this will happen as more people read us, like our page, and share our posts. As we receive suggestions and messages of appreciation as well as constructive criticism. And, most importantly, the more we use this vehicle to increase the strength of our personal practices and our dharma pracar.

Without clear, transparent, and independent information; without the courage to address important issues, even if they are sensitive and controversial; without listening to the diverse voices that today comprise the community of devotees of Baba (independent of political affiliation); without having an accurate idea of ​​the size and quality of the work being done today by devotees in Brazil and throughout the world; it will not possible to engage socially, politically and spiritually in the work that we propose in an effective and efficient way.

And to accomplish this goal, let’s share with you:

#articles – special reports on various topics

#dharmapracar – reports on inspiring pracar projects

#profile – inspirational pracarakas’ stories, be they sannyasis or family people

#news – news about what is happening in Ananda Marga and in the world

#review – cultural and gastronomic reviews, aligned with our practices

#pracarakachef – a pracaraka shares recipes and a bit of their history

#svadhyaya – Baba quotes and articles about his philosophy

And, in the future new sections for receiving letters and other forms of collaboration.

Our publications will be:

WEEKLY: on the Dharma for All website and on our Fan Page

MONTHLY: in the form of a digital magazine, with everything that was published the previous month

Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the magazine!

Victory to dharma. Victory to all of us!

Gurucaran – Editor-in-chief

This coming Wednesday, April 25th, check out the first part of a special series about dharma pracar, getting to know the different roles that people take in order to spread the word of dharma.