It is with great satisfaction that we margiis have begun this vehicle of communication, which aims to update, inform, inspire and above all create networks to spread the Dharma.

Our goal is pracar, the propagation of spirituality. We see unity in diversity, we believe in the unity of those who feel the latent universal call to strive for the progress of human society.

This journal is made by a team composed of margiis:

Supervision D4all: Prashanti
Editor-in-chief: Gurucaran
Graphic editor: Iasodara
Reporting: Taruna & collaborators
English and Spanish Translations: Devashish

In this space, we invite all pracarakas to propagate the philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in an interesting, efficient, fun, and innovative way. The Dharma for all Journal appreciates good projects and seeks to spread the word and share the good news, so that together and connected, our strength will increase and our vibration will reach even more hearts.

let’s materialize together Baba’s dream!

“The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way, the eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more intensely.” Ananda Vanii, January 1978

Dharma for all
Hitendra, Mainjurii, Nirainjana e Prashanti