Dharma for all joyfully invited all the margiis from Brazil to together reflect and discuss many relevant subjects during 2019, in order to in 2020, be able to act in coordinated cooperation, elaborating and executing a beautiful joined dharma pracar plan.

Kindly see the invitation and more details below, from the meeting that happened on Saturday, March 2nd, 3pm, in the Georgetown sectorial retreat, to start MOVING TOGETHER.


Projeto Mover Juntos



Shrii Shrii Anandamurti came to this planet to establish a new human society based on cardinal values, for all to have basic needs attended and therefore, ready to realize their own purpose of existence: self-realization. We are so fortunate by His presence within us, offering the possibility to know who is this Being, reveal the life enigma, and at the same time, take this same opportunity that is offered to us to all beings. 

This is an invaluable service, and He assured us that we won’t be in need. He left His vanguard ideas for this new society, a legacy, and drove us to do His mission. He gave us an opportunity because if we do not do it, the goats will. Fight is the tantra essence. 

The internal struggle in our meditation is transferred to the external world. We need to strengthen ourselves with the practices, and being strong, we will be able to fight against the ego and build a collective unity. 

This is the spirit of MOVING TOGETHER

The organization Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, created by Baba, is going through a 
moment of divisions and internal disagreements, and the margiis should unite, and together, work and help all to establish this mission from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He has mentioned many times, the victory is guaranteed. Param pita Baba ki! Jay! 


Many know Dharma for all (d4all.org) by the project’s funding, or by the Journal (journal.d4all.org), with good news from dharma pracar that connects us, or by Pracaraka Samgha, the study group about Baba’s philosophy. 

Dharma for all wants to promote another project: that we build TOGETHER, in coordinated cooperation, a national dharma pracar plan. Therefore, we are calling this action Moving Together. 

For a long time now, we dream for an efficient network of pracarakas working aligned, margiis supporting the acaryas and acaryas supporting the margiis. An orchestra of devotees in a harmonious flow, where we all talk to each other and mutually help ourselves to nourish this pracar wave so that it may grow even stronger. 

We would like to invite the margiis, to primarily discuss some topics among us. 
Secondly, to collaborate and create TOGETHER an incredible action plan. 

We thought of the following positive aspects in working collectively:
Listen to the margiis and understand their worries, as well as their availability in working for Baba’s mission;
Provide a margiis reunion with collective listening;
Harvest information and themes that we can discuss together;
Appreciate the individual work and help to promote inspiring projects that already exist;
Promote a supporting network between pracarakas and active dharma pracar projects for volunteer work;
Practice the collective building and honest and loving dialogue, essential to all phases for the project;
Raise consciousness about the margiis’s role in the mission;
Provide the ideological union; and
Margiis empowerment.

Subjects of importance that need to be discussed among us:
a) Margii’s role in the mission;
b) How to juggle the family life with the pracaraka’s/ spiritual life;
c) Adjustments within our family, partners that are not from the same philosophy to accept our role as pracarakas;
d) How can the margiis evolve spiritually, maintain inspiration and keep progressing – possibilities;
e) Importance of satsaunga;
f) Successful dharma pracar activies (histories from when Baba was alive and exceptional cases);
g) Adjustments to “time, place and person” in the mission’s work


Phase 1 – estimated time – March, 2019 to February, 2020
In order to discuss how we will work and create an action plan, we would like to invite all margiis to a meeting in Ananda Daksina, in person, on March 2nd, from 3pm to 5pm. 

Phase 2 – estimated time – March February, 2020 to March, 2020
A collective building, using coordinated cooperation, of a national dharma pracar plan! : ) With all pracarakas! Acaryas and margiis!

Dharma for all will call other sponsors and together we will boost beautiful dharma pracar projects! 

We are pracarakas, we protect the Ananda Marga treasures: sublime ideology, universal love and the unbreakable union between us. 

Dharma for all team


*foto Harideva (Rodrigo Camargo)