The fourth edition of Dharma for all Journal brought the second part of the series “Are we Universalists in practice?” investigating the place of women within the Ananda Marga. The subject heated up in the social networks, generating shares, comments and feedbacks, of support and criticism.

The repercussion is for us an indicator of results: we exist to generate good conversations that make us reflect how we improve ourselves as pracarakas and how we grow as a community whose pracar happens by the example and inspiration recognized naturally by others. And for this, we need not only to look at what we already do well, but also to illuminate our blind spots.

If this approach made sense to you, it is worth following the fifth edition, which begins now. The series on universalism continues, now discussing what role black people have in Ananda Marga. At least 18.5 percent of the world’s population is black, according to Alexandra E. Sutton of Duke University. It may seem small, but it is more, for example, than the percentage of white people (about 14.3% according to historian Aidan Colyer).

However, in many countries – and notably in the Americas and Europe – the black population does not (for the most part) enjoy the same social and economic privileges as other ethnic groups, especially when compared to the white population. How does this express itself in Ananda Marga? This is what we will explore in this issue.

It has not been simple to address such issues in the Journal. We are (for now) a small vehicle in different ways: team size, dedicated hours, structure or budget. Our initial focus was Brazil, but we are slowly expanding to international coverage. Achieving this goal, within this lean context, implies, from time to time, having to accept to interview fewer people than we would like, to see and correct mistakes after publishing some material and to tighten deadlines, to run behind promises at the time, among others.

So we really want to count on your support. First, by understanding our context and supporting us with your words of encouragement and feedback. Every sentence of appreciation and positive evaluation of our page nourishes not only our soul, but our reports and with them, the tools we have to get support for the existence and expansion of the Journal. And the feedbacks help us to correct and improve what we cannot always do alone with a small team.

The other way of supporting us is by sending us suggestions: from ideas to materials; of people who could contribute as reporters, columnists, translators; and ways to reach more people and have more impact. Not all suggestions will be put into practice, but all will feed our creativity and reflection.

And, of course, you support us by reading on Facebook, on our website, in the digital magazine and, (novelty!), from this edition, on Instagram. If you share with more people what you read, on any of these channels, even better.

In addition to universalism, this edition has one more part of the series “Workers of dharma pracar”, in which we will talk about the role of the wholetimers (WTs), the celibate acaryas who dedicate themselves integrally to the mission of Ananda Marga. And we will have new material for the already traditional #dharmapracar sections (reporting inspiring pracar projects), #profile (profile of inspiring pracarakas), #kiirtanforall (on different aspects of kiirtan Baba nam kevalam), plus the continuity of our new section #pracartools, which will always bring us useful tools to strengthen ourselves as pracarakas or for us to do a better pracar.

So, let’s go together?

Por Gurucaran (Gustavo Prudente) – Editor in chief


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