We began the sixth edition of the Dharma for all the Journal – the last one of 2018. We feel young, with a mix feeling of partly consolidating the knowledge about who we are. For example, we are finding our own balance between being a vehicle that publishes inspirational content, to nourish our desire for devotion, poetry, philosophy and news of good projects of dharma pracar, and in the other hand proposes provocative texts, to question our way of looking at ourselves and to our practice as anandamargiis and impel us to change to be better.

What motivates you to read us? Do you want to be inspired? Have a desire to question yourself? Both? We want to hear more and more the opinion of those who follow us, because your return is an important part of this process of consolidating who we are. To do so, we now have a section of letters: just send us your comments, compliments or criticisms to journal@d4all.org and, in addition to being read with care and affection, your letter may be published (in full or partially). Tell us what touched you the most so far, and what bothered you the most. Tell us what was your favorite subject and the one you least liked.

You will see that, in this sixth edition, we continue to strive for the balance quoted above. We will end the year bringing a ‘calendar’ of inspiring events; explaining the various ways of doing kiirtan; sharing another delicious recipe, created by the pracarakachef Kaelash; we will tell the story of Kamaleshvara, the family acarya who has been doing a solid dharma pracar in Italy for years – and helping to form other pracakaras; we will also understand who the family acaryas are and what they do in the latter part of the dharma pracar workers series. At the same time, we will continue the inquiring that began with the article on the role of women in Ananda Marga community, in the universalism series, now reflecting on the space saved for the the black community.

So stay tuned to our publications, on Facebook (like and rate our page), Instagram (follow us) and our website (subscribe to our newsletter). Remember, too, that during this edition we will launch the digital magazine that brings together all the contents of the previous issue, so you can read online or print.

Help us to inspire. Support us to provoke. Join our global dharma pracar movement!

Gurucaran (Gustavo Prudente) – Editor-in-chief