It is almost impossible to go to an Ananda Marga retreat without someone playing a kiirtan written by Sojha — at least in the West. Led by the Canadians Jagatbandhu and Liilamaya, the group has released 11 albums, many of which are only available online, to listen to or to download.

Their newest release, Sol Aeternus, continues where their later albums left off, with slower, more melancholy arrangements, which are the hallmark of the group and bring a subtle vibration to the kiirtans. In this release the group includes a beautiful musical version of the Guru Puja mantra, entitled “Guru Vandana.”

The best place to listen to the album or to download it is the group’s site, Sojha Music, where are all of their albums are released, available for free download. However, it is worth clicking the option “make a donation” to contribute to the band’s excellent work.

In Bandcamp, in addition to the albums, you can find live versions recorded at retreats. For those who use Spotify, there are three albums available, including Sol Aeternus. You can also find some of their titles in YouTube.

The group organizes kiirtan retreats in the United States, so for international travelers, it’s worth keeping an eye on the dates to have a chance to enjoy the subtle sounds of Sojha live.

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