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The Dharma Maha Sammelan (DMS) in Brazil generated a lot of expectation, not only in Georgetown sector but around the world. This was because the margiis in Brazil are united, unlike in other countries, and, as a result, the different tendencies of Ananda Marga are working together.

This stance induced the leaders of the different central offices in India to attend, being enthusiastic to experience this long-desired unification. In other words, the aim was to return to the practical base of our mission: universalism. Thus, this DMS was thought to be a great celebration of this movement, already consolidated in Brazil for years.

The preparation of an event of this size required months of work. However, a serious conflict brought frustration despite all the energy invested. Once the acaryas from different countries arrived, one of those tendencies that compose the current political scene in Ananda Marga (whose name we chose not to highlight here), began to insist on conducting an exclusive DMS.

We from D4All – Dharma for all believe that this attitude shows the current reality of Ananda Marga worldwide, giving us an idea of ​​how far we still are from achieving this much-desired unification. At the same time, while this was apparently frustrating, it unleashed an inspiring collective response that showed us how important everyone’s effort is if this unification is going to happen.

The retreat, in fact, generated a climate that we can call “tantric”: non-stop kiirtan, political debates, mediation between the different tendencies and daily schedule changes. A large gathering of women was organized (which should culminate in a retreat in the future), and a movement for coordinated cooperation emerged (one of the pillars of Baba’s social philosophy). The retreat thus became a great drama, such as those Baba created when he was still in his physical body.

In these circumstances, the collective efforts of the margiis and acaryas of Georgetown Sector proved essential to prevent the DMS, which was originally focused on union, from becoming a biased, single-group event. If this had happened, it would have undermined the work that has been going on in Brazil.

Understanding this risk, there was a mobilization not to allow that division to take root in our country, a division that Dharma for all believes to be created by geo-sentiment (one of the impediments to universalism, according to Baba). The meetings in which margiis and acaryas fought to preserve the integrity of the initial planning of what, for us, was intended to be a true universal DMS, were indeed moving.

This fertile process culminated in the manifesto of a movement called “One Ananda Marga,” which calls for the union of margiis of different administrations throughout the world. The reading of this document at the end of the retreat generated a great stir in all those present and got an ovation. We felt that the heart of every devotee had been touched, so as not to allow disunity, separation or the legitimation of any process that is contrary to neo-humanism and universalism, which sustain our spiritual practices.

We invite everyone to check out the contents of the manifesto and to share and enjoy the movement’s Facebook page: One Ananda Marga

What happened in this Brazilian DMS is an example of the separatist conflicts that are taking place in Ananda Marga around the world. But it is also an example of the enormous force of unification that is emerging with the goal of overcoming these divisions. Understanding what happened in Brazil can be a door to spreading One Ananda Marga across the planet.

This is the invitation that we at Dharma for all extend to all of you.

Dharma for all

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Photo by Prabhadra (Paula Gonzalez)

The following acaryas and tattvikas participated in the DMS (52 in total, 7 sectors, 14 didis and 38 dadas). If you notice any missing names, please write them in the comments section.

In alphabetical order:
(a) From outside Brazil

Avadhutika Ananda Danavrata Acarya – Central
Avadhutika Ananda Harimaya Acarya – Berlin sector
Avadhutika Ananda Muktivrata Acarya. – Georgetown sector
Avadhutika Ananda Tapashuddha Acarya – Georgetown sector
Avadhutika Ananda Rashmika Acarya – Georgetown sector
Avadhutika Ananda Somadhara Acarya – Georgetown sector
Avadhutika Ananda Sadhana Acarya – Georgetown sector
Brahmacarinii Divyarupa Acarya – Georgetown sector
Brahmacarinii Shivanii Acarya – Georgetown sector
Liila – Tattvika – Suva

Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Arnavananda Avadhuta – Georgetown sector
Acarya Citkrsnananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Dhyanatmananda Avadhuta – Delhi sector
Acarya Dhyaneshananda Avadhuta – Berlin sector
Acarya Ishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Mahavirananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Nabhatiitananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Paramashvarananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Pranavatmakananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Paradevananda Avadhuta – Georgetown sector
Acarya Pranadiiptananda Avadhuta – Georgetown sector
Acarya Prabuddhananda Avadhuta – Berlin sector
Acarya Rainjitananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Shankarananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Sampurnananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Savitananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Shubhanirjasananda Avadhuta – Hong Kong sector
Acarya Shubhamayananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Sucitananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Sumitananda Avadhuta – Qahira sector
Acarya Tattvabodhananda Avt. – Georgetown sector
Acarya Vedaprajinananda Avadhuta – New York sector
Acarya Vidyananda Avt. – Georgetown sector
Acarya Vikashananda Avadhuta – Central
Acarya Vishvadevananda Avadhuta – Central
Ghrii Acarya Vishvamitra – New York

(b) And from Brazil

Avadhutika Ananda Advaeta Acarya
Avadhutika Ananda Jaya Acarya
Avadhutika Ananda Sucishuddha Acarya
Avadhutika Ananda Sushiila Acarya

Acarya Anaghananda Avadhuta
Acarya Anindya Brahmacarii
Acarya Ashiishananda Avadhuta
Acarya Haripranananda Avadhuta
Acarya Cittabodhananda Avadhuta
Acarya Jinanananda Avadhuta
Acarya Pavanananda Avadhuta
Acarya Ranendrananda Avadhuta
Acarya Siddheshvarananda Avadhuta
Acarya Snigdhananda Avadhuta
Acarya Vishvajinanananda Avadhuta