“We are for the creation of a powerful, dynamic and emerging social conscience, especially among women, so that they may be inspired to rise, abolish dogmas, annihilate all symbols of slavery and usher in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievements. May women be at the forefront of a new revolution that humanity needs to reach a glorious tomorrow”.       

(Few Problems Solved, part 9 in Thoughts of PR Sarkar, p.250)

The second meeting of women in coordinated cooperation took place during the holiday of Corpus Christi, on June 20-23, 2019, in Campinas (SP – Brazil), a movement that has as its premise, to gather devout women of Baba regardless of which organization they are part of. It is a movement co-created by several devotees in Brazil, who have already organized some face-to-face and online meetings

The purpose of the movement is to create a support network, discuss issues relevant to women, and form working groups for the mission. This last face-to-face meeting was attended by 23 women (including three didis) and five children. 

The meeting included meditation, asanas, kiirtan and kaoshikii, as well as some lectures, had the kitchen led by Iasodara Ruiz-Tagle and lunch provided by Raizes Zen. In the meantime, the children were entertained with recreational activities led by Julia Maria de Souza e Silva, who made a whole educational and subtle program for the children. 

The meeting was opened by Radha (Rita Monte), who professionally has experience with the women’s circle. She reminded the audience that on this holiday the winter solstice was taking place and invited for a reflection on the seeds we had planted in the first six months of the year. There was also a lecture on natural gynecology that left all participants wanting to learn more about this theme. The gynecologist Daniela Dantas (Espaço Iris – Campinas) was invited and shed light on subjects such as the excess of unnecessary examinations to which women are submitted too early and how to deal naturally with their cycles and their fertility. 

The therapist Mahadevi (Lidiane Passos) brought a dense subject to the meeting, toxic relationships, how narcissistic people can undermine relationships. She taught how to detect and tackle this type of personality. Mahadevi told us she was happy for the opportunity to attend the event: “a movement that I feel will grow, that will flow and that we will be able to multiply much knowledge and make some changes in the sense of unity and freedom, essential things that the feminine needs a lot”.

Another highlight of this meeting was the talk with Kiranamayii (Camila Sissa Antunes) who brought once again a view on the female cycles and an enriching experience for women. As a participant in the meeting, she also stated “I am renewed by the happy, light and subtle days I experienced here, thank you for your support, for the harmony in the care shared with David (her 8 month old son), thank you for your empathy and care for this mother still puerperal, thanks for the exchange of experiences, the hugs and cuddles. I think this affective side consolidates us as an effective group fighting for the recognition, strengthening, and awakening of all women.”

Renu (Renata Camargo), a feminist scholar, helped us think about what Baba’s philosophy might contribute and made the group reflect and bring ideas about how yama and niyamas can be applied to the women’s movement.

A very important part of this meeting, in addition to the lectures that provided information, reading tips and precious experiences for women, was the workshop mediated by Karuna (Carolina Scheibe) and Prashanti (Fernanda Koch) where people organized themselves into working groups and planned practical actions.

In addition to a lot of work, there were ritual nights, bonfires and talent shows, which gave relaxation to the days dedicated to learning, spirituality, internal and external work. 

Kumudinii (Camila Moura Marcon) talks a little about what she thought of the meeting: “Without a doubt, it was my most beautiful, gentle and strong retreat. Words cannot explain the feelings that flourished! May new experiences between women’s groups be created and reverberate like a wave touching the hearts of all the sisters on this planet. May inspiration reach those already awake, strengthening them; and those who are awakening have the strength to break with the patriarchal castrating system that has been imposed on us for so many millennia. May we welcome and nurture each other more and more, holding each other’s hands. If we are all aware of our Strength, Love, and Wisdom, the world will be a better place to live.”

Surabhi (Mariah Balloni): “It was very important to be surrounded by women. Strong women and to understand that each one goes through their processes, each one has their life, but they are proposing the expansion of consciousness and it is very hard, the expansion of consciousness, it is very difficult and when you have a welcome from other people and especially people who understand you like us women do, when you feel this welcome then everything becomes easier it seems.”

Jyoti (Giuliana Leite): “In the midst of delights and hardnesses, we women find ourselves, and in a sick society, we women find ourselves. Each day a challenge to each other just because we find ourselves: women. Our beautiful Mother Earth, touching us in senses, knowledge, and intuitions, and the intolerable patriarchy with its strong or subtle oppressions, make us more than ever, meet each other, reunite, women. It is a pleasure again to share delights and hardness with sisters who follow the same path as me, to share mantras and meditations, dances and songs, conversation circles, studies, reflections. Meet and understand each other as women. Understand our pasts, and our role in the future. Understanding what Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has made clear and delicately to us women, and to move together with our minds together, sharing riches, delights and hardness, hand-in-hand, in coordinated cooperation. Jay! ” 

By Jayanti (Joana Amaral)

Photo by Júlia Maria de Souza e Silva

Translated by Elena Bryan