Human existence is trifarious: human beings are neither physical entities, nor psychic, nor spiritual entities – they are three in one. All human expressions and activities take place in those three spheres or strata. We should be strong in all the three areas of life, and then only is human existence trilateral, in its true and proper spirit.

Now, we must serve the society and also the cosmic father in all the three strata of our existence. We must serve the Parama Puruśa in the physical sphere – how? Living creatures are the progeny of Parama Puruśa, so we can serve Him physically by rendering service to living beings in the physical sphere, by removing their various physical miseries and afflictions and by showing them the path to liberation.

This universe is a loving creation of Parama Puruśa. We can give joy to Parama Puruśa by serving His creations – human beings, animals and plants – and this service will be the best application of Neohumanism. This service can be done in four ways – viprocita sevá (intellectual service), kśatriyocita sevá (service of courage), vaeshyocita sevá (economic service) and shudrocita sevá (manual service). None of these is inferior: we cannot ignore any one of them. People should render service according to their capacity. Those who like intellectual service, can do that; those who like manual service, can do so. But it will be best if all the four types are performed.

In the psychic sphere also, we must serve Parama Purusa, since the mind is a very important aspect of human existence. And the best way to serve Parama Purusa in the mental sphere is to do His kiirtan with love and devotion. When Parama Purusa sees that “a number of minds are flowing towards Me,” He will certainly feel a soothing touch, and thus this collective movement will benefit both the individuals and the collectivity.

Kiirtan gives bliss to Parama Purusa in the mental sphere, and it also brings joy to human beings both individually and collectively; it leads them on the path of welfare and frees them from all complexities. It removes all the diseases of the intellect and allows people to think easily and in the proper way.

So intelligent people should do kiirtan as much as possible. When people, due to psychic complexities, cannot find the solution to their difficulties and they are at a loss what to do, if they sit together at any place and do kiirtan wholeheartedly for a while, their psychic complexities will be removed and they will easily seize upon the solution to their problems.

Thus if you have even only one minute’s time, do kiirtan for one minute. If even two or three people gather together, they can do kiirtan collectively; if one thousand people assemble together, then also they can do kiirtan. When you do kiirtan and move towards Parama Purusa, the Supreme Father, then in Parama Purusa’s mind also there will be a flow of bliss, because so many minds are coming towards Him with love. He will feel very happy. Seeing the bliss of His devotees, Parama Purusa will also become overwhelmed with joy, because of His enormous love for His devotees.

Parama Purusa loves each and everyone,

but He loves those who do kiirtan still more.

He will say to them, “Come, come, come – come near to Me.”

Devotees may or may not be educated; they may or may not be highly qualified; they may or may not be intelligent, but if they do kiirtan they are efficient enough to render service to Parama Purusa in the psychic realm. So my boys and girls, don’t miss this golden opportunity. You have been blessed with a human body; there must be maximum utilization of this human body by serving Parama Purusa both physically and mentally, and the best method of rendering psychic service to Parama Purusa is by doing kiirtan.

One of the names of Parama Purusa is “Áshutośa”. “Áshu” means “quickly, easily”, so “áshutośa” means one who can be satisfied quickly and easily. Whether good or bad, if people do kiirtan sincerely and wholeheartedly even for five or ten minutes, Parama Purusa becomes pleased. So it is not difficult to please Him – any person can satisfy Him easily.

Parama Purusa does not make any distinctions between educated and uneducated, between black and white – all are His loving sons and daughters. Even the ugliest child is a precious jewel to its parents. If people do kiirtan for a few minutes only, Parama Purusa becomes happy.

And in the spiritual sphere, the only way to serve Parama Purusa is to do what? sadhana. Your sadhana will attain the height of spiritual fulfillment when you will realize that “day and night, in adversity or prosperity, all the time Parama Purusa is with me – I have nothing to worry about.”

By intensive sadhana, you will move closer and closer to Parama Purusa. And in this process of forward movement, when you reach near Him you will feel that – although Parama Purusa has millions of sons and daughters like you who are coming closer to Him – He is in front of you, and you will feel that on the lap of Parama Purusa there is a vacant seat waiting just for you.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

17 May 1982, Kolkata

Extract from Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 22

Art by Liss Thane