The Dharma for all Journal began by focusing exclusively on Brazilian projects and pracarakas. But since its conception, its mission was to connect with good news globally. So now we take another step forward from our small beginnings toward our great dream: to spread the news about inspiring projects and people from different cultures.

In this edition, besides much Brazilian inspiration, you will:

1) Connect with Pashupati, a family acarya in the US, and Jyoshna, the legendary New Zealand songwriter and kiirtan singer, who shares with us her unique insights on Universalism, the central theme of our new special series.

2) Read an exclusive review written by Acarya Nabhaniilananda Avadhuta, Dharma Pracar coordinator in the US, who recommends that we read Dan Harris’s book 10% Happier for resources to explain meditation in a simple way.

3) Accompany part 3 of the special series “Workers of dharma pracar” and understand what led the Italian Madhuri and the Argentine Viveka to leave their countries and families to become LFTs (local fulltimers) in Paraguay and Brazil respectively.

In addition, you will learn more about the broad and successful work of the educational centers created by Avadhutika Ananda Jaya Acarya on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo (Brazil) and meet Jayadevi, our profile of the month – a devotee of Baba who worked for many years at the Instituto Visão Futuro, founded by Avadhutika Ananda Mitra Acarya, and who today leads the yogatherapy training course (which we spoke in the last edition) together with Dada Vishvarupananda, in addition to other initiatives.

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We are still together! Namaskar.