“All of you, boys and girls, each one of you is VIP – a very important person” Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

That’s why the ”Dharma for all Journal” completes a very happy year for being a tool of dharma pracar, serving our VIP readers who are present across 110 countries around the globe, inspiring and helping to accomplish His mission!

In this period, there were more than 60 articles published in 3 languages, (Portuguese, English and Spanish), through 5 different virtual forms (website, Facebook, Instagram, Issuu, direct mailing)!

So, we started the second year of the Journal happy in sharing more amazing projects and examples of life and work on behalf of the Mission!

The “Special series: dharma pracar workers” ends with its last article: the family acaryas, including unmissable accounts of Ghrii Acarya Prabha Sood and Ghrii Acarya Kishan Sood (India), Ghrii Acarya Dhyanesh Fleury (USA), Ghrii Acarya Malati (England) and Ghrii Acarya Vishvamitra (USA).

We will also learn about the healing and transforming project of the yoga wellness center created by Acarya Dharmavedananda Avadhuta, in the Philippines.

Within this inspiration we would like to commemorate the anniversary of our beloved Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii, bringing a surprise to all of you in Ananda Purnima, on May 18th.

In this sense, we follow together in this cosmic stream, thinking of Him, feeling Him, being Him.