In the last edition of Dharma for all Journal, we opened a controversial subject in Ananda Marga: the practice of universalism. How many people feel subtly or explicitly excluded or inferior, within the community of Ananda Marga, by their race, gender, sexuality, or by their socio-economic identities condition?

Although this is not an exclusive reality of Ananda Marga, but of the whole society, it becomes a fundamental aspect for our attention to openly propagate a universalist philosophy. For this reason, the Journal decided to investigate this topic in depth, and created a series of articles in order to primarily listen to groups affected by when universalism turns out to be more theoretical instead of practical.

After a first introductory text, in the third edition, showing a general picture of how universalism is perceived by margiis from different personal and social contexts, we will now begin to delve into specific groups. In this fourth edition, we looked at the space given to women within Ananda Marga.

As a result, so much pain comes to realize that they are still far from manifesting the equality and equanimity that Baba wanted, as well as the inspiration of witnessing the strong and true initiatives that are emerging to change this scenario. Our desire is that this type of information will motivate even more family or renunciant margiis, men and women, to fight for a true universalism, one that levels/put woman and man in the same place of honor.

Another important novelty of this edition is the debut of a new section: Kiirtan for All (#kirtanforall). In this section, we will bring information about the history of kiirtan, profiles of people that play kiirtan, and, of course, audios and videos that will fill our ears and hearts with divine músic. In this first edition, we will tell you how kiirtan was heard for the first time, through the exciting story collected by Devashish.

The fourth edition also includes the dynamic and transformative educational projects of Didi Ananda Jaya in São Paulo (Brazil), the continuation of the series “Workers of Dharma Pracar”, telling us about the life of tatvikas (margiis trained to teach and disseminate the philosophy of Ananda Marga), as well as cultural and gastronomic reviews.

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Gurucaran Editor-in-chief

Translation by Laksmii (Luisa Noronha)

Picture by Anasuya (Ana Abreu Braga) – Women in Coordenated Cooperation movement meeting in Brazil’s February 2018 sectorial retreat


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